To continue putting smiles, and amazing memories in the minds of all our guests.
We aim to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of quality in Kenya and Tanzania safaris. Our safaris match any budget, and continue to offer unrivalled levels of personal interaction.

Our provision of customized Kenya safari trips is no doubt contributory to the overwhelming amount of positive reviews we have received.
We do offer transport with our customized pop up roof 4×4 safari minivans and 4×4 safari land cruisers.
You can also use local flights to avoid driving for long distances.
In addition to this, we remain wholly committed to ensuring our customers can choose from an extensive variety of accommodation of budget, midrange and luxury types. It is always preferable to pre-select before embarking upon your African adventure. Luxury, midrange and budget tented camps and lodges are just some of the styles available dependent upon the location and length of your safari.


To provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Kenya and Tanzania safaris and tours are incredibly exciting, adventurous, unforgettable and also surprisingly affordable. Spanning Kenya and Tanzania, in each national park and national game reserve has to offer. Our safari trips and excursions are purposely engineered to vary in style and length, thus suiting all guests.
Our safari driver guides are devoted to offer knowledge of Kenya and Tanzania diverse wildlife landscape and culture


To make your dreams come true. The only way to truly understand how amazing of an experience a Kenya and Tanzania holiday safari, is to actually embark upon one. We provide the platform to do that at an incredibly competitive price. We will continue to customize packages to suit any and all guests, and strive to make your safari trip or excursion one of the greatest experiences of your entire life.
Tazama Africa holidays for endless discoveries.