I always knew that road trips completed me until I incorporated a tour in the wild!! Indescribable feeling to just be next to the nature that isn’t in my backyard and to familiarize with their being. First of all, it felt like I was intruding their personal space until I realized they loved my presence as much since it didn’t occur to them that I was a bother, actually, I captured a couple of nice photos for my memory of the wild. So close, so tense yet so fascinating.

Nobody had gotten me close to such scenes, I wouldn’t buy that my adrenaline would rush just from being close to animals I have seen on media. The guides assurance of a nice time was met more than expected. Did I mention that the herd of elephants made me realize that its not only in humanity that we embrace family?? So protecting and loving I could tell. The lions moving about slowly with the peace of guarding a jungle, antelopes and wild cat jumping up and about at the sound of every movement around them gets you the feeling of love.

Giraffes making trees look like a height I could jump off yet so high, I bet their beauty in the elongated form compliments the stripes on the grazing zebras all around. Just how the animals have grouped their selves at different spots yet in the same spot was a defining moment that humanity doesn’t stop with us, its been spread wide into the wild. I could go on and on and on about this trip because the memory isn’t something that can ever leave my mind. I can’t believe I had to rush my lunch up to just go back and sort of mingle with the wild.

Oh Tazama Africa Holidays, how much can I show my gratitude for this experience. You are the best!

Article by Mildred Kenyani